Friday, October 01, 2004

TV: Sundays at 9PM

I watch so little TV that I almost never run into timeslot conflicts. But for the next three Sundays, I’m facing a big one.

Turner Classic Movies’ broadcast of Louis Feuillade’s 12-part crime serial JUDEX (1916) in its entirety vs. fresh episodes of THE WIRE on HBO. (Oh, all right: and VH-1’s THE SURREAL LIFE at 10PM. I’m only human.)

Thanks to TCM, I was able to enjoy all of Feuillade’s LES VAMPIRES a few years ago, an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. THE WIRE is repeated a few times a week, and thanks to digital cable I can now order it up on demand at no charge. But there’s something about catching those episodes as soon as they air ...

I’m going to have to ponder this one for a while. Or until at Sunday at 9, at any rate.

Miscellaneous: Links

And the sexiest film star of all time is ... Keira Knightley? Let me guess: this poll was conducted via the Internet.

Plus James Toback files a Dispatches column for Hollywood Elsewhere that's as brazen as you might expect. Who else would call Entertainment Weekly's Lisa Schwarzbaum "a sexually dessicated fool?"