Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Movies: Red Rock West (1993)/The Last Seduction (1994)

In an era of shrinking DVD windows and movies being released on multiple platforms at once, these two razor-sharp thrillers from director John Dahl could serve as an object lesson. Both debuted on cable television only to find their way into theatrical release, their prospects undimmed. Well, except when it came to the Academy Awards. On the RRW commentary track, Dahl describes people going to the theater to find the film sold out and stopping at a video store to rent it instead. The moral for Hollywood is it always helps when the movies are actually good.

I saw SEDUCTION at the Seattle International Film Festival back in ‘94. After the screening I stopped in the men’s room, where it was mighty quiet. Until one guy finally cried out: “Jesus, men are stupid!” If you’ve seen the movie, you know what he’s talking about.

My other thought after revisiting these films: God, I miss J.T. Walsh.

Why I’m Going To Hell: Defamer & Gawker

I don’t check these sister L.A. and New York gossip sites as often as some people. Once a day is generally enough for me, unless there’s a big Lindsay Lohan story breaking.

But I’m hooked on their celebrity sightings features. People write in when they spot someone famous at the gym, or in Starbucks, or walking their dog. I don’t know why I find these accounts so fascinating, or why I get a vicarious thrill when some luminary is seen in a location I’ve been to. Omigod! Matthew Broderick was in that restaurant we were in six months ago! Maybe he had our waiter!

In today’s Gawker Stalker, someone reports seeing “Bernadette (HEARTBEEPS) Peters” at a movie theater. Unbelievable. You glimpse a talented screen comedienne and one of the leading lights of the American stage, and the best you can do is Heartbeeps? For shame. I’m disgusted for – and with – all of us.