Thursday, May 17, 2007

Miscellaneous: Links

To quote Rosemarie on this New York Times article, “It keeps getting better!” You’ve got living saint Bono versus the man responsible for the worst dancing ever recorded, a still-feisty at age 95 Mitch Miller, and Marshall Brickman calling in to update his jokes. It’s a story that keeps on giving.

Novelist/gadabout Ray Banks explains the title of his latest book, with a minor assist from yours truly. I’m “a man knows his filth,” and I couldn’t be more proud.

The AV Club on twelve movies that define their decades. As exercises go, picking a single movie that encapsulates its era is a fairly pointless one. Still, the AV Club crew does a pretty good job. Each of the films does capture the flavor of life at the time; the choices for the 1950s (Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?) and the 1980s (Back to the Future) are particularly strong. The biggest surprise was realizing that the list includes the current decade (their choice: The 25th Hour), because it’s more than half over.