Thursday, August 28, 2008

Book: Runner, by Thomas Perry (2009)

That date is correct. Yours truly used his awesome pull in media circles to get a sneak peak at the latest from Thomas Perry. It won’t be released until January, but get those orders in now. It’s that good.

In Runner, Perry returns to his most famous creation: Jane Whitefield, the Seneca “guide” with a talent for helping people in trouble to disappear. Jane has used her own skills to settle into happily married life. But when a young pregnant woman shows up with six ruthless professionals on her trail and Jane’s former name on her lips, Jane is forced to dust off her old tricks.

Jane’s insecurity – Has she gotten rusty? Has technology outstripped her inventiveness? Is her own desire to have a child clouding her judgment? – seasons an already strong character. There are also the trademark Perry villains, implacable but always recognizably human.

Perry, a longtime favorite of mine, has written some terrific standalone thrillers in the nine years since the last Whitefield book. It’s great to have Jane back in action. Put this one on the Christmas list.

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