Friday, October 10, 2008

Miscellaneous: Back At My Post, Posting

I have returned. Nothing happened while I was gone, right?

We were in Florida for a week, first visiting my parents outside Ocala for my father’s milestone birthday, then heading down to Sarasota to spend some time with my brother Sean, his lovely wife, and their adorable new daughter. Of course, my Twitter feed on the main page told you all that.

The trip was all about family, and nobody needs to hear me wax maudlin on the subject. Instead, some observations of a stripe more suited to this page –-

Florida is clearly a swing state, because the barrage of political ads was relentless. So much so that it made watching TV damn near impossible.

I now want the NFL Network.

The Direct TV “mix” feature – a channel showing all of their news or sports feeds at the same time – is ingenious and should be offered everywhere.

A high point of the trip was our visit to the John and Mable Ringling Museum. The 66-acre estate chronicles every aspect of the circus magnate’s life. It includes his waterfront mansion Cà d’Zan, his extensive art collection, and not one but two buildings devoted to circus history and memorabilia. A glimpse of old Florida well worth seeing.

There’s Key lime pie, and then there’s Florida Key lime pie.

Margaritas should, whenever possible, be consumed at an open air bar near the water.