Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Miscellaneous: Yuletidings

It’s a Letterman tradition: Paul Shaffer’s interpretation of Cher singing ‘O Holy Night’ from an old variety special. Now, thanks to some enterprising elf, I can finally see the original. It’s just after the four minute mark, but why would you want to fast forward? Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan.

As you prepare for your holiday festivities, allow yours truly to shoulder some of the burden and make your movie selections for you. Here are the standard titles in the VKDC Christmas Film Festival.

The Ref. A movie I have watched every Xmas since its release.
Die Hard
The Ice Harvest

Blast of Silence. A new entry this year. Thanks to Christa Faust for reminding me.

Followed by the collected oeuvre of the true auteur of the season, Mr. Shane Black:

Lethal Weapon
The Last Boy Scout
The Long Kiss Goodnight
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

And now, by popular demand, I give you Vince and Rosemarie Keenan’s Shane Black’s The Twelve Days of Christmas. Well on its way to become its own holiday tradition.

Twelve cars exploding
Eleven extras running
Ten tankers skidding
Nine strippers pole-ing
Eight Uzis firing
Seven henchmen scowling
Six choppers crashing

Five silver Glocks

Four ticking bombs
Three hand grenades
Two mortar shells
And a suitcase full of C-4

God bless us, everyone. Or else.