Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Miscellaneous: This Space For Rent

Multiple projects, too many deadlines, no time to post. So –

A link. The AV Club’s Random Roles returns, with Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston. Tim Whatley forever!

Bonus links. Via Mark Evanier with a reminder from John Hall, some vintage L.A. Times coverage of Raymond Chandler.

A reminder. TCM Underground will be airing the trash Red Scare classic Shack Out on 101 this Friday at 2AM EST (OK, technically that’s Saturday), 11PM PST. With Lee Marvin as Slob!

A staple. Time for the band featuring my first wife, my half brother Nils, and the guy who handles my landscaping. And I ain’t talking about yard work. When I get swamped, you get ‘Crucified.’