Sunday, May 03, 2009

Extra, Extra!: Noir City Sentinel

The latest issue of the Noir City Sentinel, trade rag of the Film Noir Foundation, hits the streets today. A donation of any amount gets it delivered to your in-box. Twenty-four pages packed with noir news that’s piping hot and ice cold. Here’s just a sample of what’s inside:

* Guy Maddin lists his five favorite noirs!

* Bertrand Tavernier on the underrated Cry Danger – and details on the film’s restoration courtesy of the FNF!

* Edgar Award winner Megan Abbott on Clash By Night!

* Czar of noir Eddie Muller’s manifesto Noir for a New Century!

* A vintage pin-up of Kim Novak sure to steam up your monitor!

And appearing for the first time in the Sentinel, the byline of ... yours truly.

My debut piece is a tribute to the late Fabi├ín Bielinsky. I look at the pair of extraordinary films made by the man Eddie says “would have been the greatest writer-director of contemporary noir.” Special attention is paid to El Aura, which I call “one of the finest cinematic noirs of this decade.”

The article will run here eventually. Of course, if you can’t wait, go to the Film Noir Foundation and contribute. You’ll get some terrific reading, and you’ll be helping the Foundation in its vital work.

Either way, do yourself a favor and rent El Aura. You’ll thank me later.