Friday, April 16, 2010

Extra, Extra!: Noir City Sentinel

Noir City Los Angeles wraps up this weekend, so it’s only fitting that the latest issue of the Noir City Sentinel, trade rag of the Film Noir Foundation, streets today. This edition marks the Sentinel’s debut as a quarterly publication, and it’s packed with wonders including:

* FNF honcho Eddie Muller on the Foundation’s efforts to restore Too Late for Tears and The Chase

* Jake Hinkson on journeyman director Felix Feist

* The radio days of Jack Webb

* And so much more!

Among that last are two pieces by yours truly. One reviews the Red Riding trilogy, a blistering example of contemporary noir that’s a cinematic high point of 2010. The other puts the “Noir or Not?” question to a movie that has long flummoxed me, 1947’s Nora Prentiss. Where do I come down on the matter? You’ll have to contribute to the Foundation to find out.