Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Noir City: In Seattle and Your Mailbox

Just a reminder that the Seattle version of the Noir City film festival kicks off Friday, February 24. Here’s the schedule. This year the show moves to the SIFF Uptown, which means these classic films will be unspooling in a real theater, with freshly-made popcorn and everything. Eddie Muller will be on hand to provide erudite introductions, while the lovely Rosemarie and I can be found in the lobby selling Film Noir Foundation memorabilia.

Can’t make it to Seattle? Then kick in a few bucks to the FNF and receive a subscription to Noir City, the magazine. The latest issue was released yesterday, and it’s a doozy. I say that even though I’m sitting this edition out. Ace designer Michael Kronenberg continues to make this the best looking film rag out there, the graphics now including video clips. Truly cutting edge stuff about old-school movies.

For a sneak peek, swing by the FNF website to read a trio of articles from the new issue for free, gratis. Then cough up a few bucks to have the McCoy sent to you.