Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Me Elsewhere: Noir City Annual #4

Taking a break from completely reconfiguring my home workspace with a standing desk – WARNING: you may be hearing more about this – to announce that Noir City Annual #4 is now available for purchase from Amazon. 328 pages gorgeously designed by Michael Kronenberg, the book is a collection of essays from the pages of Noir City, the magazine published by the Film Noir Foundation.

The usual suspects are present and accounted for: Eddie Muller, Alan K. Rode, Jake Hinkson, Dan Akira Nishimura, Imogen Sara Smith. Plus a few contributions by yours truly, including the leadoff essay of which I am unduly proud. Songbirds: A Musical Survey of Romance, Ruin and Remorse is a tribute to the many chanteuses who haunt nightclubs and hearts in film noir. Michael outdid himself designing these pages. The only thing missing is a soundtrack – but rest assured, I make copious suggestions.

All proceeds go to the FNF’s efforts to reclaim and restore classic noir films. So buy a copy already.