Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Miscellaneous: Links

This interview with Julianne Moore describes a skit on SESAME STREET that sounds funnier than anything I’ve seen on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE lately. And courtesy of Sarah Weinman courtesy of Gawker, here’s the funniest article yet on BERGDORF BLONDES author Plum Sykes.

Movie: Starship Troopers 2

Let’s be honest. Going direct to cable is never a good sign. But I had hopes for this sequel. Screenwriter Edward Neumeier penned the original movie, and FX guru Phil Tippett is also back, this time as director. Unfortunately, they believe that the audience wants nothing but bug battles. There’s none of the barbed social satire that made Paul Verhoeven’s film a deranged fascist masterpiece. The FX are good, especially in light of the low budget. But the rest of the movie is a pale imitation of ALIENS. Except for the scenes when it’s ripping off ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13. Or SPECIES. Or THE HIDDEN. Or THE THING. You’d be better off watching the CGI TV series, which is more faithful to Robert A. Heinlein’s novel.

TV Commercial: Van Helsing, starring Hugh Jackman

Halfway through the ad for this movie, I realized it was an ad for the game.

Magazine: The New Yorker, 5/3 issue

So it turns out that legendary songwriter Doc Pomus (“This Magic Moment,” “Save The Last Dance For Me,” “Viva Las Vegas” and my personal favorite, Andy Williams’ “Can’t Get Used To Losing You”) is the brother of legendary divorce attorney Raoul Felder, currently representing David Gest. Doc’s not with us anymore, but I hope his gifts run in the family. You can’t tell me there’s not a musical in the Gest/Minnelli divorce proceedings.

Stupefying fact: Felder and his wife live on Sutton Place in New York, but they also own “another luxury residence, above the Museum of Modern Art, which Felder uses primarily to store his out-of-season suits.” I never should have left law school. But the Peace Corps dentistry program called to me.