Thursday, August 25, 2005

Miscellaneous: Feed Me

For all the time and energy I put into this website, you’d think that I would know something about how it works. You’d be wrong. No VCR I have owned has ever blinked twelve, but beyond that I am not the most technical person. The site’s been up and running for well over a year now, and I still believe that critical tasks in its operation are performed by gnomes.

But give me a little credit. I do know when things are amiss. I’d noticed recently that whenever I ran text searches in Technorati or other blog directories, the site never came up. All this deathless prose I’m cranking out, and no way for the unsuspecting masses to stumble onto it.

So I did what I always do. I mentioned it in passing to the site’s technical advisor.

Who immediately said, “It’s probably a problem with your Atom feed. I’ll take a look at it.” She did. Adjustments were made. And I am pleased to say that as of last night, people could actually find this site if they were so inclined.

Please note that the gnomes whose positions were eliminated (‘downsized’ seemed a poor word choice in this case) have found gainful employment at Northwest Airlines.

Miscellaneous: Links

I linked to Josh Friedman’s blog i find your lack of faith disturbing the other day, and I’m linking to it again. The man is just that good. His latest post contains two nuggets of wisdom for all screenwriters: “Don’t be your own hack” and “Smile a fucking smile.” Words to live by.

Goodies galore at GreenCine Daily, including Jon Stewart on the reinvention of television and the Onion on 10 bombs worth watching.

Mark Evanier reflects on the past and future of Las Vegas’ Imperial Palace. I never stayed there, but I can recommend the I.P.’s car exhibit, as well as the automotive museum in Reno that he speaks of. Whenever I’m in Sin City, I like to stop by the neighboring Barbary Coast casino. Fine nickel slots, and it’s where the locals go to gamble. I’m told that means something, but I’ve never been sure what.

I can’t decide if I like this portable toilet company’s name or its slogan better.