Sunday, August 28, 2005

Movie: The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)

The Steve Carell comedy deserves its critical acclaim. Any movie that namechecks David Caruso in JADE will win a place in my heart, but VIRGIN is hilarious, sweet, and boasts an array of rich supporting characters and offbeat moments into the bargain. It also prompts these thoughts:

1. The big Hollywood story of the summer is the box office slump, which may or may not exist. #2 on the list has to be the triumphant return of the R-rated comedy, offering a path out of the wilderness: focus on adult audiences instead of teenagers. Of course, it helps when the movies, like VIRGIN and WEDDING CRASHERS, actually deliver the goods.

2. Oh how we’ve missed you, Catherine Keener. The actress disappeared from the screen for a few years, but in 2005 she anchors THE BALLAD OF JACK AND ROSE, provides some much-needed snap in THE INTERPRETER, and single-handedly elevates this movie from raunchfest to romantic comedy. More, please.

3. Asia, my favorite band in high school, is catnip to the ladies. Catnip. I speak from personal experience. “Heat of the Moment,” indeed.