Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Movie: Blood On The Moon (1948)

I should have included westerns on the list of genres that the late Robert Wise knew his way around. He plays to his strengths in this one, blending a film noir plot with the moody visuals of a Val Lewton movie. (Cinematographer Nicholas Musuraca shares Wise’s pedigree, having shot CAT PEOPLE and OUT OF THE PAST.)

With noir stalwarts like Robert Mitchum and Charles McGraw in the cast, it’s a good thing Walter Brennan is also on hand. Robert Preston plays an outright bastard. I’ve seen THE MUSIC MAN so many times that his performance here comes as the best kind of shock.

The Downside of Empathy

I’ve admitted to being hooked on Kathy Griffin’s reality series, which details the superhuman effort required to stay even marginally famous. My favorite aspect of the show was Kathy’s relationship with her non-showbiz husband. It was snarky but always supportive.

When I read via Defamer that they’re getting divorced, I felt genuinely bad. Then I felt genuinely foolish. I don’t even know these people.

The Upside of Illness

Thanks to a cold, I’ve spent the last few days staring at the TV. Which allowed me to catch a rerun of BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY featuring Jerry Orbach as an intergalactic record producer (think a less evil Simon Cowell) who stirs up youth violence via subliminal messages. He carries out his scheme with the aid of Richard (NIGHT COURT) Moll and Judy Landers, one of the lovely Landers sisters.

Or at least I think I saw it. I may be much sicker than I think.

Bidi-bidi-bidi. Thanks, Buck.