Friday, May 19, 2006

TV: Thursday Ratings Report

Multiple season finales last night, and two series went off the air. We didn’t watch any of them. Take that, America! Unnamed Media Research Company can tabulate this:

7PM – 10PM Baseball: Blue Jays at Angels, Fox Sports West

This was the only game on last night. I didn’t watch the whole thing, but the diary says listening counts. In it goes.

When I signed up for the MLB package, I thought I’d get to see regional ads. But the same beer and car spots play wherever you go. The only local color comes from chain restaurants (Carl’s Jr., Del Taco) and state lotteries. Did you know that Wisconsin has been overrun by Super Badgers?

10PM - 10:30PM The Showbiz Show w/David Spade, Comedy Central

I don’t think it’s that funny, yet I watch every week. I frequently flipped back to the ball game, which went into extra innings. Toronto took it in 10.

11PM – 11:30PM The Daily Show, Comedy Central
11:30PM – 12 M The Colbert Report, Comedy Central

Both are in reruns next week. I’m glad I got to write them down once.