Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous

How odd was it to see Pervez Musharraf, the President of Pakistan, on The Daily Show last night? Not as odd as his joint press conference with President Bush a few days earlier, in which he refused to answer certain questions because of the pending release of his book. A man who has survived multiple assassination attempts living in fear of the Simon & Shuster legal department. And they say publishing has no muscle any more.

Still, Ted Danson got more laughs on The Colbert Report.

I also watched Wait ‘Til Next Year, an HBO Sports documentary on the travails of the Chicago Cubs. It’s absolute must viewing – for New York Mets fans. The Cubs’ epic 1969 collapse, which paved the way for the Amazins’ triumph, is recounted in detail. Funny how the Mets have a key role in dashing the fortunes of two of baseball’s cursed teams, the Cubs and the Boston Red Sox.

Rosemarie bought me a Three Musketeers bar in honor of my Shame-Faced post on the book. And I learned, to my shock, that the Musketeers no longer appear on the wrapper, even though they used to. Further proof that there’s no respect for literature in this country.

Miscellaneous: Let Me Ass You A Question

Me: So I have this idea. It’s kind of half-assed. No, two-thirds-assed. Almost three-quarters-assed.
Rosemarie: And that’s better?
Me: Yeah. (beat) Isn’t it?
Rosemarie: I’m not sure. That’s why I’m asking.
Me: I never thought about it before.
Rosemarie: It stands to reason that the better something is, the more of an ass it would have.
Me: Yeah. Especially an idea. You’d want an idea to be fully-assed, right? What good is an idea without an ass?
Rosemarie: You tell me.

Quite the conundrum. Is the ass half-full or half-empty? Which is better? Comments from the peanut gallery are welcome.