Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Update: Shame-Faced

Believe it or not, there are signs of life at the spin-off blog. For that you can thank Rosemarie, recently back from traveling with Gulliver.

TV: Title Fight

The missus is reading the classics of world literature and I’m screwing around on YouTube, where I stumbled on the title sequence from the short-lived ABC series The Renegades. I can’t believe how long it is. But when a group of ethnically-mixed former gang members decides to work on the side of the law, I suppose you should take the time to introduce them.

Here’s what scares me. The show ran for one month in 1983. It’s never been in syndication or on video. So I only saw the episode in which the Renegades go undercover as a punk band once. And yet I still remember the group’s name (Blank Distress) and their song (“You’re Gonna Get What’s Coming”). I can’t believe there’s a synapse in my brain devoted solely to that.

Miscellaneous: Conventional Thinking

This year’s Left Coast Crime is being held within walking distance of Chez K. (OK, it’s kind of a long walk, but I could use the exercise.) That’s where I’ll be for the next few days. Look for the guy in the New York Mets cap; that’ll be me. I’ll try to post reports from the floor.