Saturday, June 16, 2007

Movie: Ocean’s Thirteen (2007)

Smart, slick summer fun that goes down smooth. My pick for the best of the series. If the phrases “reverse big store” and “the Morecambe & Wise of thievery” provoke any kind of reaction, get thee to the box office.

I mention the movie primarily as an excuse to link to SCTV’s priceless Maudlin’s Eleven, a note-perfect send-up of the original movie and Rat Packery in general. I’ve watched it three times this week and have morphed into Bobby Bittman, prone to yelling out “Oh, yeah! Beautiful!” at the slightest provocation.

Installments #2 - #4 are also available. If you can’t spare the twenty-plus minutes, skip to part 3. It recaps the best jokes and offers Eugene Levy at his absolute peak. You’ll miss Dave Thomas’s rendition of the theme from Exodus, but hey. You’re a busy person.