Friday, February 08, 2008

Miscellaneous: More King of Kong

The AV Club is on a roll this week. Today they have a lengthy interview with Billy Mitchell, the putative villain of The King of Kong. I love how it came about: AV Club staffers ordered up a mess of Rickey’s Barbecue Sauce, probably as part of this article on B-list celebrity food products, and Mitchell himself called to confirm the address. Whatever Billy’s faults, the man knows service. A must-read if you’ve seen the movie.

Miscellaneous: Political Art and Science

The Washington State caucuses are on Saturday, and for once they matter. Within a span of 24 hours Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain were all in Seattle. It’s nice to be wanted. For several hours this morning I couldn’t think with the sound of news helicopters circling the Obama rally.

But I won’t be at the big shindig tomorrow, for three reasons.

1. I have a prior engagement. All those Saturdays when I have nothing to do, and now this happens. Great.

2. I still have nightmares about my experience at the 2004 caucus.

3. I don’t feel so strongly about my choice that I want to stand around a high school gym discussing it with strangers.

Still, it was nice to discover I’m not the only person who is intrigued by Obama but vaguely embarrassed by the frenzy surrounding his campaign.