Sunday, June 17, 2012

Extra, Extra!: Noir City

The latest issue of Noir City, the magazine of the Film Noir Foundation, is not only the best yet, it’s the most ambitious. Optimized for the internet age, it’s studded with trailers, film clips and slideshows. It will shortly be available on iTunes as an iPad app. The FNF is now affiliated with Turner Classic Movies and the Warner Archive, so you can buy DVDs directly through the magazine. As for the content, dig this:

- Anne M. Hockens on that most fatale of femmes, Gloria Grahame

- An in-depth survey of 3-D noir, complete with 3-D photographs

- A multipart tribute to one of the finest films of the 1950s, The Breaking Point, with contributions by Eddie Muller, Jake Hinkson and Dan Akira Nishimura among others

- And a LOT more.

Ray Banks and I tag team one of the great modern noir films, the 1999 Charles Willeford adaptation The Woman Chaser. Brother Banks writes an appreciation of the film as only the Saturday Boy can, while I interview writer/director Robinson Devor. Included is some late-breaking news exclusive to Noir City on the movie’s return to circulation after over a decade in home video purgatory. It’s the closest I’m going to come to a Woodward/Bernstein moment.

I also profile noir’s ubiquitous character actor Steven Geray, and review Joel Engel’s true crime book L.A. ’56. Go to the Film Noir Foundation, make your donation to save classic noir films, and get all this in return.