Friday, August 11, 2006

Miscellaneous: Current Events

In times of global upheaval I find myself turning, as I so often do, to the guy who co-wrote Catwoman. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Kung Fu Monkey.

Now on to the usual crap I post around here ...

Miscellaneous: Spanking, New

It’s always a sign of desperation when a blogger blogs about blogging. But I am one desperate man. (By the way, blog has now joined smurf on the list of non-profane words that can be used as every part of speech.)

You never know what will bring people to your website. I make one passing reference to the hairstyle of American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler and it drives traffic for weeks.

The all-time winner for me, though, is a link I made back in March to the cover of Richard S. Prather’s Shell Scott novel The Scrambled Yeggs. I get at least one hit per day based on that link, sometimes more, and lately the numbers have been going up. Maybe these visitors are hoping for fan fiction that explains why Shell is spanking a woman on the cover. They’d do better to read Prather’s book. Trust me, the scene is hilarious.

Still, I don’t want to lose that traffic. Therefore, I’m posting my own scan of the cover. Of a man spanking a woman. Perhaps I’d better repeat that, to make sure it turns up in all the search engines. An image of a man spanking a woman.

To all you spanktastic newcomers: Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

Miscellaneous: Links A’Plenty

Via Paul Herzberg, a collection of Star Trek inspirational posters. The idea is funnier than the execution, but what an idea.

Paul is now permanently ensconced on my links page. As is author Ray Banks and his spiffily redesigned The Saturday Boy.

I’ve also added the Film Noir Foundation to the roll of honor. Check ‘em all out.