Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Miscellaneous: Links

A few goodies for you while I keep my nose to the grindstone:

The Chronicle of Higher Education on the 50th anniversary of Peyton Place, a book that transformed the publishing and television industries, not to mention author Grace Metalious’ life.

The Believer offers a terrific interview with Steven Soderbergh. It includes all the questions I would have asked, like “What kind of porn do you watch?” and “What German word would you like to invent?” For the record, Schizopolis should have been as popular as sex, lies and videotape.

The interview comes via GreenCine Daily, which is still running its “Summer Question” series. Site guru David Hudson poses a different query each day to one of the web’s best film bloggers. Great stuff.

Things have come to a pretty pass when I’m linking to commercials. But that’s where you find some of the best acting on television. These Holiday Inn spots owe a lot to The Office, but they have a deadpan charm all their own. The ‘Unicycle’ ad is funnier than any comedy I’ve seen this year.