Thursday, July 27, 2006

Books: A Damn Bloodbath of a Slideshow

Bill Crider has posted not one, but two slideshows of men’s adventure novel covers. And the best part is it’s all my fault.

The gang’s all here: Striker, Stryker, Ryker, your Liquidators and your Expeditors. Amazing how many one man vendettas against the Mafia there were in them days. If those guys had only pooled their resources, they could have shut down the Syndicate overnight. Or started their own, whichever.

Miscellaneous: Donuts To You

I try to keep the local stuff to a minimum around here. But BoingBoing already linked to this Ethicurean survey of Seattle’s donuts, making it a story of global impact.

Top Pot gets my vote, hands down. I’m in there every weekend. I’ve gone entire Saturdays on nothing more than one of their apple fritters.

Mighty-O’s donuts are vegan. They’re also among the foulest concoctions on this earth. After the last one I tried, I had to brush my teeth to get the taste out of my mouth. Stop trying to convince me that your unholy confections are delicious, vegans. Poppa’s not buying it.

As for Krispy Kreme, come on. I bought one of their donuts in the St. Louis airport once. Nothing I can buy in the St. Louis airport merits consideration.

Miscellaneous: Link

Matt at links to this New York Observer article on YouTube culture. Like Matt, I find myself spending what should be productive hours tracking down every obscure relic from my childhood that pops into my head. The sad thing is how many of them I find.

Take Army of Lovers’ video for ‘Crucified.’ Saw it once and never forgot it. It stayed with me because of, well, the woman, for starters. (Apparently she’s a political activist in Sweden now. Good for her.) And because it works so hard to be transgressive that it quickly becomes ridiculous. I’ll warn you, though: the song is surprisingly catchy.