Thursday, July 13, 2006

Miscellaneous: Links

I’m swamped. Multiple projects, various deadlines, and thanks to the steroids I’m irritable, I’m getting bacne – LOOK IT UP! – and odd things are happening, you know, down there.

So you get links. You’ll take ‘em and like ‘em.

First, a piece on Jack Larson and Noel Neill, who played Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane on the Superman TV series, and their return to the screen in, well, Superman Returns. I love that Larson, who still looks boyish at age 74, ended up a worldly sophisticate.

Via BoingBoing and Paul Herzberg, a great article in Prospect on the history of Communist joke-telling.

GreenCine Daily adds a smart primer on the political thriller. It not only sings the praises of Spartan, long a favorite around Chez K, it also speaks highly of the black comic thriller Wrong Is Right, based on a novel by the estimable Charles McCarry. I watched this movie repeatedly when I was in high school, and have long been convinced that I was the only person who remembered it. Always nice to learn that one is not alone.