Monday, July 24, 2006

TV: Miss Universe 2006 Pageant

My streak continues. Whenever I watch a beauty pageant, the contestant I choose is destined to be crowned first runner-up. Without fail I’m drawn to the women who are unconventionally attractive, who have a little too much spark and personality, and as such are fated to play second fiddle to living Barbie dolls.

Like Miss Japan, Kurara Chibana. She speaks five languages and cited among her interests “French cinematography.” So naturally she only becomes Miss Universe if the winner cannot fulfill her duties. Although if this keeps up, she might wear that tiara yet.

She may only have been first in my heart, but she did claim another prize: best national costume.

I find that honor too limiting. I think it’s the best costume of any kind, ever. I can’t believe I missed the Parade of Nations and didn’t get to see it live. It’s like something out of a pinky violence epic like Sex & Fury. (Many thanks to Tony Kay for introducing me to this genre and that one-of-a-kind movie. Like I don’t have enough problems.) Any woman who wears this outfit on international television deserves some kind of award, as well as a kick-ass movie all her own.

Miscellaneous: Link

Slate’s Seth Stevenson gets to the bottom of the most annoying – and therefore most effective – TV commercial I’ve seen in eons. Apply directly to the forehead!