Friday, July 07, 2006

Update: Mystery*File

The latest installment of my column ‘In The Frame’ is now up at Steve Lewis’ Mystery*File. It features a review of the Shane Black movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, now on DVD, as well as the 1941 Mike Shayne novel on which it’s partially based. Plus a detailed report on two movies presented by Eddie Muller and the Film Noir Foundation at the Seattle International Film Festival. Go, see, you’ll like.

Update: Shame-Faced

At the spin-off blog, Rosemarie corrects an oversight by reading that all-time desert island favorite, Robinson Crusoe. Go, see, you’ll like.

Miscellaneous: Where Is The Outrage?

A few weeks ago there were numerous news stories about an Arizona restaurant called Pink Taco, the point being that the phrase is, um, a slang term, for, uh ... why don’t I just let this Daily Show clip via Wonkette explain everything?

Yesterday I’m reading about spas for men and other places where you can get primped and still feel like a tough guy. The name of one such establishment? Major League Trim. And not a word raised in protest. I’m ashamed of all of you.