Saturday, April 28, 2007

Magazines: There’s No Me In Us Weekly

Yet there is in Premiere. Provided you scramble the letters.

The other day we received a card informing us that for every issue remaining in our subscription to the late, not really lamented Premiere, we’d receive a copy of Us Weekly.

Rosemarie: I don’t want that rag in my house. I won’t even look at it when I’m at the gym.

Issue #1 – technically, issue #638 – arrived today. The print is big. See-Jane-run big. Everything is punctuated with exclamation points, including the masthead. One feature measures the gap between the thighs of famous women to show they’re too thin.

Rosemarie: My IQ is actually dropping as I look at this. I can feel it. There goes all my French.

What I didn’t realize is that Us Weekly is essentially nothing but paparazzi photos. I make it a point not to look at these photos, and now bound copies of them are being sent to my house against my will.

Rosemarie: Can we cancel this? I don’t care about the money. I just don’t want other people to see this in our mail.

Only two more issues to go.

(Editor’s Note: Rosemarie would like me to point out that she is a longtime subscriber to InStyle magazine, and that she enjoys that publication very much.)

TV: Line Of The Week

Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) on the 30 Rock season finale, thinking he’s having a fatal heart attack:

“Ride it, Donaghy! Ride it straight to hell!”

Miscellaneous: YouTube Clip Of The Weekend

I’m now excited about installment four later this summer. Well played. Hat tip to Kung Fu Monkey.